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Then & Now
A couple of outtakes from the photo shoot for the rear cover of the Phase II
extended-play record.
Bill Gleisberg (Phase II Drummer #1) being himself during
the studio sessions for the Phase II EP, while Nicholas
provides product placement with both shirt and belt buckle.
Mark (above) and Nicholas (right & below) reviewing takes with
engineer Dwight Oyer at Eaglear Recording Studio near Johnstown,
Colorado, during the recording of the Phase II EP.
Press photo from a
1980 concert in which
Phase II was the
rather unlikely
opening act for
Amazing Rhythm
and The
Ozark Mountain
Doug Burrows was Phase II's only permanent bassist, while
Rick Noel served as Drummer #3
for the band.
The final, most stable lineup for the band (from left to right):
Mark, Nicholas, Dave (Drummer #4) and Doug.
Even at the height of Phase II's
electric phase, there were still
those moments that called for
something more acoustic.
(Nicholas Tesluk - Robert Taylor -Mark Andrews)

A Changes/Phase II reunion following a concert performance by Changes at
The Royal Oak Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, 1 October 2010.