The Lyrics
Phase II (EP)
Goddess of Dreams (Tesluk)

Oh golden haired vision, oh lady so fair,
Descend to my chamber, don't leave me to bear
The thought of your absence leaves only despair.
For as long as we're living, our lives we can share.

Do you know how I feel about you?
Can you feel that I'm dreaming of you?
Could you have dreamed that I've cared about you?
Would you care if you knew?

Oh lady of light, be with me tonight.

Oh Goddess of Dreams, please don't walk away,
For though there's tomorrow, I need you today.
But just as the sands of time slip away,
You're gone from my sight, alone I shall stay.
Fly Away (Andrews)
Live your dreams in a silver sun.
Feel the Earth die down below.
Talk of flight while the beggar runs,
And go on smiling where the jetstreams flow.
Fly away...

Feel the wind drift your soul at peace,
While the Earth steals all that you know.
Help the beggar who seeks release
And warmth and loving where the cold winds blow.
Fly away...
Wouldn't it be lovely to be above today:
Hovering in Heaven to watch the stars at play?
Lazing in the moonlight,
Shiver in the cool night,
Hey, look away...

Listen to the silence so far above the ground,
Whisper to the planets as they go spinning 'round.
Will the currents take you
Where the wind forsakes you?
Hey, look away...
Look away to the clouds at sea.
Boldly fly in the twilight's last glowing.
You're a star, set the sunset free
Like a crimson curtain call in Heaven's show.
Fly away...
That's Alright (Andrews)
I recall a 4 am morning, the mists of dawn
Hiding from my four-wall heaven, frozen fast.
The snows were bleakly tapping
On a door I bolted to the world.
The world was crying outside my door,
Nevermore, nevermore -- but then again,
I finally had to let you in.
And you thrive on surprises
that glow in the dark,
For my candle attracted your eyes.
And you shiver with dreams
when your bedroom is dark,
And you hide behind innocent lies.
But that's alright -- I'm older now.
You floated into my refuge, beside the fire,
Consuming warmth like February: a Pisces true.
Extinguishing the firelight with your eyes,
I heard your heart grow heavy with your sighs.
I heard your need and offered warmth.
You smothered it, smothered it
With loneliness and searching arms.
And for one silly moment,
We lived out of time
In a world of incense and wine.
And we pitied ourselves
In a verse without rhyme
'Til I saw that your pity was mine.
But that's alright -- I'm bolder now.
You slept like a leaf in the forest, all dried and curled,
Spent with a lifetime of shadows in winter light.
I lay and smoked and watched the windows winking
At the smoke that stung my eyes.
You softly spoke his name to me
And tears betrayed your weary love.
Crimson light bathed my bedroom.
I knew I should stay
Where the innocent play
As the candle moaned lonely and died.
But I pitied myself
In the stark light of day.
Running swift, I might even have cried.
But that's alright -- I'm colder now.
Sandy (Andrews)
Oh where did you go?
What did you say
Miss Fotheringay?
I long for your golden voice.
I cry for the words that die with you.
Your eyes were like poems in brown
Reflecting the flow of your gown.
You spoke to me often in dreams.
It seems that I loved you more than I knew.

And now you're silent
And the moon's crying above.
But the tears of sweet rain that fall
Only recall the lilt of your name:

Your life was a song,
Never too long.
Did something go wrong?
You sang of a lonely life.
I've held you in reverie.
A stranger has haunted your soul,
Inspiring the tales that you've told.
But finally you heeded his voice.
You hadn't a choice -- the stranger was you.


Did fate treat you well?
How can you tell
When winter has come?
Now London lies cold and grey.
The days melt away in sympathy.
The life that you lived was brief,
Your death overshadowed by grief.
The stages are barren now.
You took your last bow -- the world cries for you.

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