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[Last updated 20 August 2013]
The front cover and inside of a special printed program created by Phase II (owing much to Nicholas's artwork
and calligraphy) to distribute to friends, associates and public radio supporters in anticipation of the airing of
the duo's radio presentation,
Candle in the Night.
One of the two original belt buckles (this one
belonging to Mark) which Nicholas illustrated
by hand in his remarkable pointillist style.
A poster promoting the release of Phase
II's extended play record (1979). The
Phase II candle is another of Nicholas's
pointillist creations.
Ads by a local music emporium promoting Phase II's appearance as opening act for the rock night concert of the Greeley
[Colorado] Independence Stampede. One of the original press passes required by
Phase II bandmembers to reach the stage area.
A couple of examples of Phase II concert posters.