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Here are a few links of particular interest to us. We hope some of them
will be of interest to you as well:
      your personal noisetransmitter
the alternative music magazine
Official web home of the classical folk band Changes.
Eclectic media mailorder,
label and distribution.
"Live simply, love passionately, cultivate beauty."

Library of poetry of R.N. Taylor, Christina Finlayson & Nicholas Tesluk
Nicholas plays Gibson guitars exclusively.
Mark has been known to play a Stratocaster and
FM-62SCE mandolin, both red.
Purveyors of fine tone modelers and
effects modules
Phase II utilizes both AVID Pro Tools and Cakewalk Sonar in the production and recording of their music.
Keyboards by Yamaha and Roland
With a nostalgic tip of the hat to
for our legacy recordings. we like from people we love...
Purveyors of fine alternative music.