Phase II's recorded output (chronological order).

The Discography
Phase II
Self-titled (EP)
7" vinyl (limited pressing 1000 copies)
Nightrider Records NR-101
This self-produced 33 1/3 rpm extended play record
appeared in a limited pressing of 1000 copies on
transparent blue vinyl. It featured an introductory
electronic piece and four original songs.
Various artists
Tonwerk Flammenzauber 2
Compact disc
Eternal Soul
Phase II compositions "It Doesn't Really Matter" and the
original acoustic version of "Goddess of Dreams" (also listed
here as "Lady of Light") from their 1978 radio show
in the Night
are included on this compendium of
performances from the 4th Flammenzauber music festival in
Heldrungen, Germany. (Pressing limited to 500 copies.)
Various artists
Steinklang Industries III 2006 - 2007
Compact disc
Steinklang Industries
Phase II
Compact disc
Ahnstern 29
Various artists
Pagan Folk and Apocalyptic Psychedelia -
Kapitel II
Compact disc
Steinklang Industries

The first release by the re-formed Phase II, featuring their
complete original 1978 radio program,
Candle in the Night,
all the material from their eponymous 1979 extended play
record, as well as seven new recordings of both classic and
contemporary original compositions.
A third sampler of songs in many alternative styles by
various artists on the
Steinklang recording label. Included
was one
Phase II song, "That's Alright" (listed here as "It's
Alright"), taken from their 1979 self-titled EP.
A sampling of songs by various artists who have recently
appeared on
Steinklang record labels Ahnstern, Heimatfolk
Percht. Phase II is represented by the song "Sweet
Lady Fair" from their
Afterglow recording.
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[Last updated 03 April 2016]
Phase II f0llows up its Afterglow retrospective with a
full-length release of new material called
Fleeting Spirits.
This new album represents the band's journey into the
tumultuous and momentous, yet fragile nature of our time
on earth.
Phase II
Fleeting Spirits
Compact disc
HauRuck HR120