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[Last updated June 04 2016]
Presenting Phase II's original retrospective album.
It was in the late 1970s that Phase II, the progressive-folk band founded by
Mark Andrews (
Yiannis/Skyway) and Nicholas Tesluk (Changes), came
to be. Over the next 30 years, only five selections from their self-titled,
blue vinyl recording and a handful of songs on recent
anthologies had found an audience outside the
venues where they performed live
during their original tenure.

Fast-forward to 2010:
Phase II's pièce de résistance was their retrospective recording
Afterglow, introducing listeners to their blend of musical styles. This expansive
release features six songs from their original repertoire – including songs
rehearsed but never performed in any venue – recorded here for the first
time. The four songs from their original, long out-of-print self-titled
recording have been enhanced and included as well. And to bring
things full-circle,
Phase II presents their first new song of the
21st Century. Afterglow ends with the entire recording of
Candle in the Night, the band's 'pre-plugged' 1978
conceptual radio program. Also included is
a 16-page booklet with lyrics and original
artwork, plus an anecdotal history
of the band in text and photos.

Whether during their “folk duo” period, or as a full progressive folk rock band,
the warmth of
Phase II's music was felt all-too-briefly by all-too-few.
Afterglow is a comprehensive retrospective of their original
work, but with Nicholas and Mark reunited in the
digital age, Afterglow also provides a launch
pad for new musical adventures to come.

Afterglow by Phase II
69 minutes - compact disc format
(gatefold Digipak with 16-page booklet)
Ahnstern 29 (Steinklang Industries)
$9.99 US
Free shipping within the United State.
For international orders, please contact Phase II:
Please visit Phase II's MySpace page for song
samples from the Afterglow album.